By implementing distinctive health, safety, environmental & quality policy, Raqwani not only fulfilling relevant legislation, but also promoting appropriate measures for the services we offered and the health & environment protection of all our stakeholders


The primary objective of RAQWANICO is to provide top class products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction by the effective implementation of our quality system. The quality system has been established and being reviewed on regular basis. RAQWANICO commits to continual improvement by internal review and assessment of its quality system for efficiency and suitability. It has strong communication within the company and with the customer needs. RAQWANICO shall strive for complete quality control and assurance to continue building a reputation and trust of our customers on which they can depend upon.



It is policy of RAQWANICO to conduct its activities in such a way that the Health and Safety of its employees, Contractors/ Service providers and other persons who may be affected by our operations our safeguarded and proper regard is paid to the protection and conservation of environment.
In implementing this policy, we not only with the requirements of the relevant legislation, but also promote appropriate measures for the protection of health and environment.
We recognize that the requirements of sound ES & H standards are inseparable from the goals of efficient operations required to achieve high quality performance.
Therefore ES & H issues are considered as an integral part of our daily activities and managed with same dedication as project performance and profitability.
Accordingly, we consider ES & H requirements as an integral part of line managers duties for which they are accountable, At the same time we expect our employees to recognize that there is a clear duty of them to exercise self-discipline and give due care to prevent injury to themselves and other persons, loss to ours/ clients assets and damage to the environment.
We have established ES & H audits, inspection, and other programs in a continuous effort of identifying and eliminating hazards and unsafe practices at the work place.
We train all categories of staff in ES & H matters so as to enhance their awareness and increase their effective participation and contributions as individuals. We also support our contractors/ service providers for achieving the same goal.
We believe that all injuries are preventable. Therefore we promote actively high standards of safety consciousness and discipline. We also use our best endeavors to prevent accidents.
Contractors/ Service providers/ Suppliers working on our behalf are required to apply Health, Safety and Environment standards fully compatible with our own. Employees and contractors will be kept appropriately informed of any known potential hazards that might affect their well being.
We conduct and support research directed towards the improvement of health, safety at work and towards the conservation of environment.
All employees involved in RAQWANICO’s program are encouraged to strive for Zero Accident goal.
Don’t forget Safety starts with a personal commitment.