RAQWANI Contracting

Yahya Ahmed Raqwani Co. Ltd. Providing services for all phases of a construction and contracting project, including General Construction, Infrastructure Development, MEP and Industrial Support Service Works.

Often tackling tight deadlines, budget constraints, and challenging site conditions, our professional staff continually improves management, technology, and financial systems to deliver the most appropriate, project-specific solutions.

Our General Construction Works Constitutes Construction of Commercial and office buildings, Residential complexes, Warehouses, Hospitals, clinics, Workshops, Electrical substations, Industrial Buildings, Structural steel works, pre-engineered building erection, Residential Buildings(Villas),security gates, Site Preparations and temporary facilities work, Civil infrastructure works, security fencing.


Our MEP Construction Works Constitutes of Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Plumbing System (Potable, Raw water), Sanitary sewer system (Storm and Drainage), Chilled water system, Fire water Systems, Compressed air systems, Vacuum systems, HVAC systems and Equipment installations.


Piping Works

Our Piping Construction Works Constitutes of Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Process piping network, Industrial piping installations including FRP/ RTR/ Carbon Steel/stainless steel pipeline,Plant piping systems, Power piping systems, Laboratory piping systems.


Electrical Works

Our Electrical Construction Works Constitutes of Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of High voltage and Medium Voltage substations, Oil type and Dry type Transformers, Motor control center, Switch gear, Panel boards, switch boards and control panels for various services including submersible sewer pumps, Refurbishment, rehabilitation, reinforcements of existing substations, Protection system upgrades/ modifications, Construction/ modification of distribution control system (DCS) Construction of instrumentation systems, Construction/ modification/ expansion of medium voltage substations, Construction of electrical automation & control, Building electrical work and Street lighting system.



Our Telecommunication Construction Works Constitutes of Supply, installation, Testing and commissioning of Duct banks and OSP cabling systems networks including manholes, ISP systems, equipment racks and system back bone, Cable trays, cable runways, conduits, wiring and pedestals, Installation and configuration of switches splice closure and devices, Telephony and IP systems, Fiber optic cables and systems.


Fire Alarm & Fire Protection Systems

Our Fire Detection & Alarm Systems Includes High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems, including: Photo Electric Smoke Detection, Ionization Smoke Detection, Beam Detectors, VESDA.

Heat Detection Systems, including: Fixed Temperature Heat Detection, Rate of Rising Temperature, Heat Detection, Probe Type Heat Detection, Linear Heat Detection.

Fire Fighting Systems includes Hydrant Systems: A semi-automatic system, consisting of pressurized waterlines through pumps, which is recommended for use in all types of industries and commercial establishments. High Velocity Water spray Systems: An automatic fire suppression system for special applications such as transformer protection, boilers, burner fronts and lube oil tanks. Medium Velocity Water spray Systems: An automatic total flooding system for use in coal conveyor systems, cable galleries, LPG bullets and more…, Foam Systems : Used for oil fire applications, this system separates the fuel from the air by blanketing foam over the surface of the oil., Sprinkler System : Used for localized fire applications, this system is ideal for use in factories, commercial buildings and the home., Deluge Systems : Similar to an automatic sprinkler system, except all nozzles discharge together, this system protects areas where fire is likely to spread rapidly.

Fire Suppression Systems Include FM200 : A clean agent system that uses HFC227 fire protection fluid to quickly suppress fires and protect sensitive equipment without damaging the environment, Novec Systems : A clean agent system that uses Novec 1230 fire protection fluid to quickly suppress fires and protect sensitive equipment without damaging the environment, Inergen Systems : Ideal for use in enclosures such as server rooms and control rooms, this system floods clean agent gases (N2 and Ar) into the area at risk; extinguishing flames by lowering the oxygen level, whilst maintaining breathable conditions, CO2 : An automatic gas suppression system used mainly in unmanned areas such as turbine rooms, oil cellars, hydraulic rooms and automated paint shops.

Equipment Rental services

Our heavy equipment rental fleet is one of the well-known and wide range in the industry. Our product line includes everything from small handheld tools to large earthmovers. Below listed are some of the main heavy equipment we have in our fleet. Our Equipment rental division includes supply of Certified Heavy equipment including its operators such as Cranes, Manlift, Loader, Bull dozer, Forklift, Grader, Compactors, Scissor lifts, water tankers, trailers, Tower Lights, Diesel Generators, Dewatering Pumps Etc.


Scaffolding Services

Our Scaffolding Service include provision of a full range of scaffolding, lift and access solutions on new build, repair and maintenance contracts with projects varying from small to large scale. We own best equipment and ensure best holdings of quality and full servicing in the industry and able to advise, plan and design scaffolding solutions to meet your needs. Our scaffolding specialists are dedicated to timely completion and quality standards to ensure client satisfaction.


Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance services included building operation and maintenance services, Sand Removal Works, Plant maintenance works, utility operation and maintenance works at plants and residential areas, concrete repair works, civil and infrastructure maintenance works.

Raqwani Facilities Management is one of the leading integrated facilities management companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provides integrated facilities management (IFM), which is the method of consolidating your property services under one contract and a single management team.​

Packaging your services together under Raqwani allows you to improve service delivery, cut costs and juggle fewer contractor relationships. Thus saving you time, resources, money and energy.​

It’s our Safety First culture that ensures we deliver a consistent quality of service without jeopardizing the safety of our employees, your buildings and the communities we operate in.

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