RAQWANI Equipment Rental

Our heavy equipment rental fleet is one of the well-known and wide range in the industry. Our product line includes everything from small handheld tools to large earth movers.

Below listed are some of the main equipment we have in our fleet.

We provide modernized equipment, qualified operators, licensed drivers, certified riggers and approved lifting accessories. We also provide rigging study, lifting plan with drawings, transporting plan with drawings, load charts, risk assessment plans and detailed accessories specifications.

From the most simple transportation jobs to the heavy haulage, erection and installation of oversize, heavyweight industrial pieces, we offer safe, practical and cost-effective solutions to our clients, no matter how small or big the project may be.

We are specialist in customer-driven and tailor-made heavy lifting and transporting solutions at any onshore and offshore location. Our package includes certified lifting equipment such as mobile and crawler cranes, complete lifting accessories and experienced crew. We also provide rigging study, lift plan, calculations and drawings. We are capable 24/7 on call services and we do have Saudi Aramco and Third party certified Operators and Riggers (Level I, II, and III).

The factory as a foundation of service includes all necessary engineering, road and site surveys, logistics, crew and equipment scheduling, proper documentation and assembly operations.

  •  Ambulance
     Boom Truck (6 to 15 Tonnes)
     Water Tanker
     Diesel Tanker
     Trailers
     Trucks
     Buses
     Pick-up

 All Terrain Cranes
 Certified Mobile cranes of capacity 25 to 500 Ton
 Low Bed Trailer 30 to 200 Ton
 Flat Bed Trailer 20 to 40 Ton
 Dyna Truck 60 Ton
 Boom Truck 5 to 18 Ton
 Winch Truck 60 Ton
 Water Tanker 12000 to 32000 Litres
 Diesel Tanker 6000 to 12000 Litres Fork Lift 2.5 to 18 Ton
 Telescopic Fork Lift 4 to 5 Ton
 Rough Terrain Fork Lift 3 to 5 Ton
 Electric Fork Lift 2 to 5 Ton
 LPG Fork Lift 2 to 10 Ton
 LPS Fork Lift 2 to 10 Ton
 Man Lift 16 Meter to 43 Meter
 Scissor Lift 6 Meter to 18 Meter
 Generators 20 KVA to 1000 KVA
 Tower Lights 4X1000 Watts
 Welding Machine 400 Amps and 500 Amps
 Air Compressor 185 CFM to 1500 CFM
 Air Dryer
 Light Vehicle
 Rough Terrain Cranes
 Truck Cranes and Crawler Cranes ranging from 25 Tons up to 1,200 Ton.

 Excavator
 Wheel Loader
 Roller Compactor 10 Ton
 Dump Truck 16 Cu.M to 32 Cu.M
 Grader
 Bull Dozer
 Backhoe Loader
 Skid Loader
 Side Boom
 Jack hammer
 Plate Compactor

Why choose Raqwani for your equipment needs ?

Transport Division of Raqwani comprises of a large, varied and modern fleet of Prime Mover Trucks, Trailers, Self-Propelled, Hydraulic Modular Trailers and Dolly Trailers giving us the ability to move super heavy, long or wide cargo and equipment.

Our Heavy Lifting Equipment Services uses Mobile and Crawler Cranes that consist of a large and varied fleet to challenge the most demanding heavy lifting tasks.

We provide manual Jacking and Sliding services for movement of equipment and cargo in restricted spaces.

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